All RIDES information are published on behest of ESSCAPE members who are rolling out into the wild blue yonder we call roadways galore and wish to share in the great adventures availed  The RIDES information expressed here is for enjoyment purposes only and is not an advocation of ride speed or style, however it is highly recommended that you always ride safe, ONLY at your own skill level, with the maximum protection in body armor and head gear, and keep in mind that you have the responsibility to be aware of what is in front of you and as well where the rider/vehicle is behind you.  It should also be noted that for now, members wishing to post items must give me 7 days of lead time (given my travel schedule, lack of slumber, etc) to ensure proper postings. Content for the RIDES WEBpage must be in an eMail format and contain the information categories as expressed below. RIDE SAFE and have fun!


[TENTATIVE] Sunday, April 21st or 28th,
A wayward WEEKEND ROAD ride to Bennett's Point

Sunday, March 18th,
Enduro riding aboard the Isle of MEGAhh

Sunday, February 28th,
Enduro riding aboard the Isle of MEGAhh

Saturday, February 17th,


Sunday, February 11th,
Enduro riding aboard the Isle of MEGAhh

Sunday, January 14th,
Enduro riding aboard the Isle of Hutchinson

Sunday, November 10th,
A wayward WEEKEND ROAD ride to Bennett's Point

Saturday May 20th,
The Ride that came out of Nowhere but will go SOMEWHERE

Sunday April 30th,
Charleston to watch MotoGP Race with bent lads in that direct

Saturday April 29th,
Ride to Sylvania's Plantation Aeropark

Saturday April 23rd,
Charity Poker Run starting at John's V-twin

May 13th/14th
SEMRA Track/Race Days
see schedule on

A Wayward Ride to Bennett's Point
Sunday April 21st or 28th
Start and End Time:
First meet location time at 8:30am (Map 1)
Second meet Location time at 9:00am (Map 2)
Third Meet Location time at 9:30am (Map 3)

Be Back by round 2-3pm-ish

check the Route Map HERE

We will be headed northernly wayward back and forth across HWY 17, towards Charleston, but just across the Combahee river, we will take some back roads along huge southern plantations and then on to Catholic Hill. From there, we'll go back across HWY 17 down to a twisting 15 mile road of Bennetts Point Road toward Bear Island, South Carolina, where we gas up at a waters edge convenience store bespeckled with rather hilarious signage...maybe even get our name on the board again.

Show of Hands thus Far:  

Jim Goodlett, Jimi Meuse, Kevin Conlon, Steve Foote, John McIntosh, Pat Grone, Angela Krebs, Tony Pavilinous, and a cast of thousands.


For those starting from mid town Savannah, meet at our La Casa of 648 East Victory Drive, on the corner of Victory and Atlantic Park.
Savannah, Georgia Meeting Location
Map 1 (8:30am)


For those starting from downtown Savannah, meet at the Chevron Station on the corner of MLK and Oglethorpe.
downtown savannah map
Savannah, Georgia Meeting Location
Map 2 (9:00am)

For those starting from Hilton Head, meet at the northern end of the cross roads at HWY 278 and HWY 170.

Hilton Head South Carolina Meeting Location
Map 3 (9:30am)



The Ride that came out of Nowhere, but will go SOMEWHERE

Saturday May 20th, 2006
Start and End Time:
8am to about 1-2pm.

Start and End Locations

Starting from the CRACK BARREL at HWY 80 and Interstate 95 near the Mighty 8th Airforce
and ending the gods know where?!

Route Information 

Two wheels down, throttle on, and into the wind!

Committed riders include Steve Foote and his son thereof, Jim.G, Jimi.M, Pat Grone, Kevin Conlon, Johan Harris, Paul Snedeker, and on and on...


Crack Barrel
Hwy 80 and I-95

Meeting Location Map 1 (8:00am)


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