The Monza Track meets a renewed Mondial marquee
and a wee new Ducati flame thrower

Out it comes into the wild blue yonder...from Lee Logan's good friend, Norm Viano, we are treated to a fab series of shots showing the first ebbs of the revitalized Mondial marquee in the form of a possible world superbike...guess if you are going to jump start a revitalized marquee of grand stature, this bloody well ought to do it...

Norm was good enough to provide some words for those wanting to be in the know:

"Photographer is me, Norm Viano. Although I don't know if I'd actually consider myself a photographer! I'm a sports agent (based in Atlanta) that happened to be at the right place, at the right time, and had a camera in my hand. More info on me is found on: or you can ask Lee Logan! I ride all sorts of bikes, although I often prefer to ride Lee's!
[ed. don't we all!!]

The event was a test at Monza about a month ago - October 1st and 2nd, 2002. One of the riders that I manage, Mike Ciccotto, was helping them with some quick analysis of the bike and was auditioning in case Mondial decides to go race World Superbike next year (which is still up in the air). The main protagonists are Mike Ciccotto, Roberto Ziletti (president of Mondial), and a few mechanics (Enrico, Leo, and another whose name I can't remember).

The Ducati 999 was there too, as these two days were open for a few teams, press, etc to ride Monza. There were a few Italian journalists that were testing that 999, and even comparing it to 998 that was on hand too. In fact, one of the journalists crashed the 998, and they had to patch it up and keep going. But the 999 wasn't there to compare against the Mondial Piega -- it was there independently. It just so happened that these bikes were all there. If I remember, Chili was there too, testing some trick
(older) Ducati bike for the NCR Ducati team. Didn't get any pics of that, sorry..."   <Norm Viano>

anytime you can squirrel away the goods to go run with the Euro bike nuts, we'll be more than happy to post the goods...a much lauded thanks, lad...

photographer: Norm Viano
in view

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