With loads of scoots stacked outside his shop, Ted's Sport Cycle and Water Craft shop caters to all walks of life with two wheels under them. Located at 1000 Eisenhower Drive (across Waters Avenue from Eisenhower Cinemas), Ted's shop's mainstay is fixing and servicing bikes, but he also does a burgeoning business selling used motorcycles and new parts. Being from Greece (which is part of Euro according to my maps) Ted also shares our joy of riding Euro scooters (he has a Ducati 750 and BMW 90rs within his stable), and can be counted on for getting the parts in need, indeed (note the yellow 996 Duc awaiting servicing near the front of the service bay entrance).
photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

Send Ted eMail for more information on his used motorcycles for sale, parts you need, repair, and servicing programs!!


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