Sylvania Georgia
Plantation Airpark
1. Heading northwest on Hwy 21, cross under I-95.

2. Continue on Hwy 21, heading towards Rincon. You will pass the Springfield Ford dealer on your left as you head toward Rincon. Prepare to take a right on Chimney Road less than an 1/8th of a mile up.

3. Turning right onto Chimney Road, go till the first stop sign and take a left on Lake Cherie Road and head north.

4. Lake Cherie Road dead ends into Fort Howard Road/CR133. Take a right onto Fort Howard Road/CR133 and head north.

5. Fort Howard Road/CR133 dead ends into Rincon Stillwell Road. Turn right at this juncture.

6. About a mile up, you will come to a 4 way stop. The road perpendicular to your path is Hwy 275. Go straight across the highway and onto Long Bridge Road for about 10miles till Long Bridge Road dead ends. Take a right onto Stillwell Clyo Road heading north.

8. The Stillwell Clyo Road will go for a good bit, and almost parallel to Hwy 119. Continue on north until you start to come to a fork in the road.
9. You now coming close to an area of slower speeds. At the fork in the road, bend left onto 4th Street instead of straight onto Church Street (lest you have to turn around like other dunces we know).

10. As you come to a stop sign, turn right traveling parallel to the railroad tracks on Marion Avenue.

11. Not more than 500feet, you will turn left and go across the railroad tracks and Hwy 119. You will now be on the Clyo Kildare Road and heading northwest.

12. The Clyo Kildare Road goes for some time till you go across another set of tracks, when you will come back to Hwy 21 one more time. Turn right and head towards Newington where there is a BP petrol station on your left. If your destination is the aeroporto of Plantation Airpark, you are just a stones throw away and you might want to catch the petrol station depending if you are or are not going back in similar form.

13. From Newington blaze northwest up the Hwy 21 past the circle track park on your left. The Plantation Airpark is less than halfway to Sylvania.
14. Heading north 7 miles up Hwy 21, you will see a 15x10 foot wood sign for Plantation Airpark on your left hand side. Turn left on Airport Road.

15. About 1.5 miles and before the road turns to dirt, take a left heading south on Becon Road. Less than a mile up is the FBO. Go around the gate on the dirt/grass road on your left, and head west down the taxiway towards Wade's hanger for a smarting time to come.


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