Bennetts Point Ride
South Carolina

1. From Oglethorpe and MLK, head across the bridge into South Carolina on Hwy 17.

2. Turn right heading to Hilton Head.

3. Turn left on Hwy 170, heading towards Hilton Head and Beaufort.

4. Heading north on 170 towards Beaufort, take the Hwy 462 exit on the left just before 170 bends to the right.

5. Continue on 462 past Hwy 336 (which goes to Ridgeland).

6. Turn right and connect to the frontage road (Hwy17) along Interstate 95.

8. Once connected to the Hwy 17 frontage road, go approximentally 6 miles north till the Charleston exit for Hwy 17 on the right.

9. Take the left at the junction of Hwy 17/21, heading towards Yemassee.

10. Fuel and butt stop in Yemassee for those that need it.
11. Coming into Yemassee on 17/21, take a right on Hwy 3 heading ESE.

12. Before the railroad tracks, turn left on Railroad Ave N.

13. Take the first right across the tracks to Old River Road.

14. About midway down the great curvy road, there is an old plantation designed by the famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Be prepared to stop.
15. Coming off of Old River Rd, you will connect back to Hwy 17. Take a left at the T intersection.

16. About 2 miles down the road, the trees will open up and you will be crossing the Ace Basin, a marsh like area actually called a Savannah.

17. Once across the marsh, take your first left on roadway s-15-119. In the first section along this route, you will see several traditional large southern plantations off to your left.

18. s-15-119 will bend right and connect to s.15.41 Take a right at the intersection and head east to Catholic Hill.

19. Take your first left on Clover Hill. There should be a historic marker by a red church on the left for Catholic Hill.

20. Take a right back onto Clover Hill road. Then another right onto Hwy 303.

21. Turn left onto Hwy 17 and travel apprx. 2 miles to roadway s-15-26. Turn right, which will take you across a fab 11 mile curvey road to Bennetts Point.

22. Do the reverse to get home or just take Hwy 17 to I-95 for the straight shot back to Savannah.

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