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Ron Small
In the man with the plan's own words:

"This is my mountain bike. It is somewhat of a hybrid in that I used a 1977 R100 frame with braced swingarm, 84 front-end with modifications, braking floating rotors...the motor is 900s with light flywheel, dellorto 38mm pumper carbs and close ratio gearbox...320 rear gear makes it less suitable for touring but it pulls out of the corners great."

and as anyone (and everyone) who has ever ridden with Ron in the mountains will tell tale to, never, EVER ever try and pull around him, for the lad will leave you like you dropped anchor and spit the pistons out the sidewalls...we say good on you Ron for building a spectacular wolf in sheeps clothing...or is that the rider in the sheeps cloth...?...grin implied...

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