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right then, what could be said from this cheshire eared grin, could speak volumes to those in the know of what he rests upon...

and know we do...Kevin sits astride his newly fetched BMW R1100S ~ the model that later bore beasts competing in the Boxer Cup race challenger series...if you had the per chance to watch this series run before the AMA races, you would see nutters going nose to nose through sharp chicanes, at times laying these beasts so low they were scraping the cylinder heads, which were protected with carbon fibre covers...nutters indeed...

Kevin opted for the more humane version which only has magnesium cylinder heads for lightness (snort indeed), and comes stock with the most georgeous set of lightweight aluminum rims, including the rear wheel mounted to a single sided swingarm that also manages the direct drive through it all...not to mention the well tucked pipes under the seat, and the front pinion based shock system that has adustments which allow you to dial it on the fly...well engineered do you say...?...

Kevin picked this diddy up also with a set of superbly designed hard case saddle bags that come with the smartest mounting brackets known to date, as well as a set of heated grippers, throttlemeister control system, and a custom Corbin seat...comfort that he will no doubt need as he propels himself to a 30k+ mileage (or so) a year riding addiction...

did I mention that it goes like a scalded ape...?...

we say well done indeed.

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