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Jimi Meuse
Disgusting vile piece of machinery in it's maiden form, and even more so now that it has had a full top end upgrade from the Ocala shop that birthed her to Jimi - replete with Metrakit SP racing parts that include the pipe, cylinder head, high compression piston, 21mm carb (actually a Del Orto, though Metrakit packages it as theirs), air filter and other shameful bits of incidentals that make it scream like a scalded ape...or blender given it's 72cc engine size (that goes right smart up to about 80mph...lordie does it pull the arms off starting in the powerband at 9k rpm all the way through 12.5k rpm...(blender indeed!!!))...

oh, and how you should see 'er beam...sorry, the both of them beam, together, we mean...loverly indeed...

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