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Jimi Meuse
900 i.e.

Horrible as it may sound, really lovely bits of machinary that total to a package worthy of being called a Ducati...although Jimi's Duc is the much sought after 2002 model, the design was birthed from the depth of 1993, where this beast arose from the ashes of the 888 (parts like the tressel frame, brakes, wheels) but without the 888's body work which leaves the "naked bike" design that has been vigoriously copied since...

And now one Jimi Meuse has herself a fab example of this monochomatic schema in its last year with this size of bike, when Ducati stayed true to the intent of the design (future years changed to water cooled in the larger size engines, and also moved to the single sided swingarm with upswept pipes which take away from the cleaner "naked bike" look originally intended)...the largest design difference on this year model is that Ducati finally rectified the issue surrounding odd looking pinion bar on the swingarm that connected to a pivot arm on the shock...thus with it engineered out, there is a cleaner view through to vast open space under the seat leaving the eye to behold the tressel frame and smarting shock...well done we say...

Jimi has already rerouted wires so that the rear panels are shed, exposing the tressel frame under the seat, as well as has replaced the front sprocket cover with carbon fibre, and added Napolean bar end mirrors...now she is on the hunt for carbon fibre for the belt cover, clutch cover, as well as front and rear huggers...

delish dish indeed...

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