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John McKinnon

After scouring the INTERnet for deals, John's 2001 996 was wrested from Moto Britalia's showroom in Woodstock Georgia round April of 2002. Though an already superb machine astride with the smart looking (and weighing) gun metal grey Marchesini wheels which match the frame color, John could barely contain himself at having a go at making it better, when milliseconds after the 600 mile break in period/service he added a pair of Arrow half system exhausts (carbon fibre cannisters with one of the sweetest exhaust notes heard this side of Iomala). John also gave the ride a kick in the pants with an aftermarket EPROM chip. When at rest, this 996 sits in stable which also includes a 1996 Honda VFR 750 ("very sweet bike, a life-time keeper") and five dirt bikes (4 Hondas & 1 Suzuki).
He says, "pretty basic stuff, huh?", and we say, simply mad about scoots!!

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