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LC4 640 Enduro
Better than a description of the wondrous parts, there is the taoistic tale on the acquisition of this beaut of a bike...

the short of it is, back around 1990, when racing with a mountain bike team in the wiles of West Tejas, we had been offered the opportunity to ride on incredible canyon land near Post Tejas that was leased by a group of enduro scoot rider enthusiasts...we, a bunch of skinny, dayglo spandex short wearing lads, rode up and down some of the most incredible (and difficult) terrain on single shocked mountain bikes that kept us from the ridge edge (just)...shortly after wearing our legs and lungs thin, we had an enjoyable short talk with the lads that let us on the lease...some 15 years later, this bike was purchased from someone I talked briefly with that day, proving that the earth is round (and hopefully the rims of this scoot), as well as what goes around does indeed come around...

now some years later, all that has been done to this scoot is an RTT steering stabilizer, as well as a jet kit and a Big Gun race exhaust, given that the bike comes complete with nearly the finest in components when it leaves the manufacturing floor in Austria...

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