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Mito Prima 50

Lovely little two headed beast ~ part Spanish and part Italian bike ~ borne from the euro tradition of making small things buoyantly fast...this is actually a Cagiva Mito Prima 50 (with 72cc port), rebadged as a Derbi (with the Cagiva elephant emblem all over the parts) when Derbi bought the rights to license the bike and begin making some of the parts which are actually Cagiva parts on this particular model...go figure, crazy Euros...

here we have the latest ride, fetched nearly unused at 70km on the clocks, which I have started to flog around the track after a break in period...then again, carmped over the tank and attempting to hide under the windscreen gives me a good flog as well...which in this case, giving me far better half scooter riding lessons seems quite smart after all...
nonetheless, WERA has now started a squid class for these bikes, and at the very least, several mates (Rusty and Tony) have gotten into the game to lend credence to a pack of would be hooligans acting completely absurd on machines that emanate sounds like gerbils being throttled...but fast throttled gerbils mind you...trick parts to be added per Tony Mirando's guidance include, pipe, carb kit, track/road tyres (gummy Pirelli road/track tyres which were recently shredded on the August track day of late), and the gods know what else to make it all seem loads lighter and faster (though not quite sure what one does with a massive 12hp scoot beyond frantically attempting to disguise the gerbil throttling noises when trying to impress the lasses).

lovely scoot indeed...

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