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From the shadows of 8 time world champion builder Derbi, comes a street versioned scoot that is now just a slight bit modified single thumper...what started life as a 50cc bike shod in lovely Spanish styled body work, comes a stripped down race ready track bike with lighter than light components (full MetraKit Pro Race componentry with all kinds of glass fibre around 'er) and the engine prepped by none other than Ted Kouhalaris from Sport Cycle fame...this 15,000 rpm scoot can do, with the corrective gearing mind you, nearly 100mph down Roebling Road's front straight, and has a unwielding 25 plus hp at the engine pushed from a 72cc engine (that must be properly warmed before taking it for a flog (AND don't !?#$! ask about the first cold seizure that required piston replacement!!!)).

For the 2004 season, I shall take 'er for a good number of track days and a WERA and SEMRA race or three, all the whilst praying to the grip gods that I can steer 'er propper and keep the rubber side down...

lovely bit of go juicer indeed...

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