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LC4 640
Jim Brunton seems to certainly be one the luckiest (if not THE luckiest) riders we have ever known on the scoots that he gets, and the good deals in the process thereof...not to bore with the all the sordid details, but Jim found this scoot on CycleTrader.com and made no haste to secure it from it's previous owner who imparted it to him for a mere pittance of what should be lawfully allowed...not to mention a new sets of boots and all kinds of other tastie goodies just for hauling it off...

in superb shape when he got it, Jim wasted not time in putting on a new Barnett clutch kit, new gooey soft set of stop you on a dime front and rear brake pads, as well as a brand spanking new Big Gun quiet series lighter than light full pipe system that someone on eBay let go for a song and a dance...

did we mention that the boy can ride like a scalded ape??? and a lucky one at that...well done lad...

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