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Hamish Rupert Bravery

Mick Andrews
Replica -
Cheney Special

Hamish, minor to Sir Bravery (owner of a claimed Norton Commando 850 which he has yet to produce positive proof that it even exists, much less that he owns it), has been able to wrest a rather superb roller example of a OSSA 250 trials bike...living upon the Isle of England as it were, leaves Hamish with unbelievable access to the parts bin lads who will no doubt aide in the rejuvination of this glorious bit of motorcycling history.

In the rolled over image, the OSSA stands in the fog, ready to be transported to its new stable...whilst in the non-rolled over image above, Hamish also managed to find a spares bin that included frame, motor, set of wheels, and a stack of odds and ends from which to craft the favored scoots end dress...we look forward to seeing the product progress...

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