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the story starts when she was rescued from some ill mannered no thinking about the rusting from sea-going-voyages euro traveling person off an Italian yacht docked in Savannah for repairs...she was then purchased in 2002 from Ted who spied and pried the classic away from the aforementioned and through loads of other tales and travels it hit Erik's throttle twisting hands...

now years and some later, Ted completely rebuilt the motor and tranny back to it's glory days (actually faster than its original go go), including new wheels trundled all the way from Italy...she now purrs like a kitten with a fire cracker strapped to her tail...as she was borne to life from across the pond, the style mad Italians gave the world one of the first laced up 12 inch wheeled scoots that has loads of room, plenty of go juice, and plenty more fun to be had whilst wearing a wide cheshire grin...

now it is seemingly used to taunt smart dogs named Einstein as it is propelled round and round...loverly Italian design indeed...

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ESSCAPE (Euro South Scooter Club Augmenting Pervasive Enigmas)