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Moto Morini
3 1/2 s
"Probably the best pic of the Morini. It is resting at Two Wheels Only in Suches, GA, during Ducks Fly South 2001. I discovered on this day that both front and rear tires could slide in the same turn. This was not the most pleasant discovery, but it did prompt me to at least get new shocks.

The Morini is a 1978 3.5 Sport. Yes, three and-a-half stands for 350cc. It is my second (not counting the basket case I never got around to fixing) Morini and this time around I learned to not mess with perfection. It is fairly much stock, except for Hagon shocks and a cheap horn. The seating position is uncomfortable only because the pegs are too far forward, but a nice set of rearsets would require much engineering to clear the kickstarter‹any assistance on this issue will be appreciated. Handling is stellar, period. I can pick whichever line I want though a turn and then change it at will. Although the motor is peaky, it still has very usable power below 5,000rpm; above that, though, there is a very sweet area up to about 7,500rpm where, in conjunction with third gear, will make me laugh silly with delight on the right road. Oh, and the redline is 9,500rpm, so over-revving is not really an issue. Pretty neat for a thirty year-old pushrod design."

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