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Moto Guzzi
"I've put over 20,000 miles on it and it still is the best all-around bike I own. It has its share of modifications, though. It shows some judicious application of black paint here and there; a steering damper; headlight brackets from a Ducati Mk. I and a stainless steel instrument panel of my own design (housing a big white Veglia tach and a 140mph speedo 'cos I ruined the original 80mph one from keeping it pegged); clubman bars and an ever-changing attempt at finding the correct rear-view mirror; seat is slightly sculpted; rear fender from a V50 II and its associated brake light; relocated and different turn signal lights; and Monza foot controls work with relocated footpegs. A Dyna ignition fires Dyna coils; the 28mm Dell'Orto carbs (mounted on V65 intakes for clearance more than for tuning) were elliptically bored out to 31.5mm by Craig Hanson, who also built the 2-into-1 pipe (the only one I know of which actually gains both hp AND torque for this motor); the primary gears are the taller-ratio Monza set; the flywheel lost 15% of its mass‹let me know if you find it; the exhaust incorporates a one-way suction valve for the crankcase breather; and the swingarm is about 3mm from being perfectly aligned with the front end."

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