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Donald Ansley

From Donald's words in his first scribe on his excellent 100cc Brit thumper travails:

"I park out front and ask Patrick to stay with the truck while I go in and peruse the helmet selection. After some mild hand wringing I make my choice and as I'm headed to the cashier I look out through the windows at Pat - up on the truck sitting the bike. The phone lines are clogged so the charge authorization takes a while. When I finally exit the shop and head to the truck I see a guy, fore arms resting on the truck bed his feet crossed behind him, talking to Pat. As I approach I'm introduced to Rod one of the head mechanics at the dealership. He's glowing. "Man this is gorgeous! a T100, cool, I've had a 650 Tiger for years, wiring harness burned up a couple years ago - oh there's this great guy in Marietta does incredible restorations - buddy of mine had a Daytona like this that caught fire and he took the charred remains and for six grand put it in show room condition - man you know what you can get in there (he points to the showroom) for six grand? shit, that's what - guys in there, I try to tell up but they don't know, this here's a real motorcycle." I haven't said a word yet. He slows down and we chat some, sharing that particular (and there are many) interest in old British motorcycles. As we part he says he'd buy it from me right then and there."

never could it be said better...

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