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Chris Miller
TR6R Tiger

A brief histogram in time from Chris on his excellent 650cc Brit thumper:

"Bought from a friend in 1979. It was incomplete, inoriginal and in very poor condition. I started it up, put it in gear and promptly broke the chain and cables. Took it down to pieces and did a practical, less than perfect restoration. Rode every day for 2 years as my only vehicle (rain, sleet, snow, etc...) It never once stopped or failed to start. I used it frequently off and on for 10 more years. Got ambitious/bored and took it down again into every nut, bolt and washer. It sat in a box for 5 years. Then sat in an "exploded view" on a table in my den for 2 years. Gave it to one self-proclaimed "British bike mechanic" - he did nothing in 8 months. Gave it to another old bike restorer - he screwed around, charged me a lot, never finished it. Gave it to a professional, established Triumph shop - they did such a sloppy job, most of it had to be re-done. I finally went over the bike and fixed most of the worst of the work. Have ridden it for 2 years as a weekend warrior. It has an indomitable spirit that does seem to be weakened by very bad repair work. Lessons learned: do it yourself or don't do it at all. It has always started easily and run like a charm. It needs going through to ameliorate the residual after effects of the last bad restoration. It is still a blast to ride around town and on winding country roads."

as well it should be, as well it should be...

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