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Craig Cocke

Having thumped his way through the INTERnet and the best possible deals on Ducati's, a closed eyes Craig Cocke settled upon a brand spanking new 2001 996 bought in April of 2002 from Moto Britalia in Woodstock Georgia. As the scoot was ridden stock (eyes open and not on the sidewalk like this pic), it flashed along superbly with those fab gun metal grey Marchesini wheels which mirror the frame's distinctive color (not to mention all the weight and engine mods Ducati made from it's elder brother, the 916). Then of course, Craig could hardly sit on his hands (or wallet) long enough not to begin the modification binge before the 600 mile break in period/service when he summarily added a pair of aftermarket pipes and EPROM chip to start the sickness off. We all know and understand his pain in holding back and we empathize!

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