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Moto Guzzi
V10 Centauro Sport

although there were 350 total in USA including standards, and GT, tis a bit of a rare bird as this is one of 40 Green sports in USA...and the only one in our neck o the woods..

In Christian's words we find that it comes complete with wonderous amounts of go get parts:
"One of the previous owners had taken off the original rear fender that held the license plate and turn signals, which left just the metal frame tabs which works out perfect for my after market turn signals and plate. The bike was already fitted with a black powder coated Bub exhaust system, which I've always loved on any bike, and with unusual metal and rubber grips. Aside from that it was stock. I then put in the Creedon C-5 chip adding more fuel injection mapping stability and an added 1500 rpm, now redlining at about 9400. A transil diode to help protect my ecu from frying out by a surge, after market Bosch relays which are more reliable then siemens. An Avon sport touring front tire, parrelli in rear. And NGK DR9EIX iridium plugs."

yes, well done indeed...!...

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