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LC8 950
Adventure S
To say that this bike might resemble the new wind of Enduro rides at the top level, is like saying that a Ferrari is just another competitor at the F1 level...

Here Alton stands astride his S model which comes equipped with all the bells and whistles to go enduro riding (or racing if one is so inclined) for months without ever having to bother much beyond the ocassional troughing to keep one on their toes...slightly longer and slightly greater ground clearance lets the average rider bound across objects that most mortal bikes would puke upon...nevermind that his scoot now comes attired with crash bars, tank bag, Gobi rear hard bags, euro light switches, a set of fantastic sounding OEM dual pipes, and a bazillion other goodies for him to ride off into the wilderness whenever he damned well pleases, and one might add, leave the rest of us to suck dust particles in his wake...

loverly little beast really [the bike, not Alton!!!]...

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